Condensation between parallel plates

Consider the case of water vapor flowing through parallel plates. The walls of the plate are cooled such that the water vapor condenses. 


I need help in understanding:

1. How can I simulate such a problem in Fluent!

2. Fluent's capability in wall-condensation models.

3. If I use the bulk condensation, I know that the thermal phase change model can do volumetric phase changes. Will it be appropriate to use it in this case?

4. Which of the multiphase models is appropriate for this study!!!

Thank you.




  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited April 2019

    How much condensation are you expecting? Please sketch out the domain, with dimensions & flow rates. There are several multiphase models & options: you need to understand the physics, then figure out which model is best suited to the application.


    I'll also shift this to Fluids as it's not multiphysics. 

  • ham_nolaham_nola Member
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    This is the domain. Steam enters as slightly superheated and wall is cooled to approx. delta_T = 3 deg. C.

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