Reinforced Concrete : very strange

Hello guys. I've been trying to model reinforced concrete slab (1 way) and right now i found something that seems very strange.

I'm using solid65 for concrete and link180 for rebar, my model looks like below.



you can see that i have 2 impactors to apply force to my slab. (FYI the contact is bonded with MPC formulation) the results seemed pretty good.

and then , I dont know if something came into my mind, but I tried to use nodal force instead.(as the picture below)  the results were still converged. And here's where the problem begins.


After I used nodal force, I think that there were no use for the impactors, so I suppressed them.(like the pic below) BUT!! after i suppresed the impactors, which now had nothing to do with my model. The results went unconverged !! and I didnot change anything else than suppress the body. THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE AT ALL!



So, can anyone tell me, why is this happening? My best bet is it has something to do with the MPC in the contact but I got no idea how.

Please Help! My deadline is coming up soon


I attached my model here please take a look


Edit : It looks like my attached file doesn't show up so i uploaded to my drive instead, here's the link :


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