the requested s data is not available. the plnsol command is ignored

hi all

I am taking the error in my ANSYS 2019 R1. After the axial loading to my volume, I want to display the stress, strain results but I take warning which is 'The requested S data is not avaliable. The PLNSOL command is ignored'. Then, if I go to folder which is saved of Ansys files, I observe err folder. The err folder contains messages which are ' The EPLOT command cannot be executed.  The selected elements cannot be displayed by PowerGraphics.  To correct this situation, select different elements or turn off PowerGraphics.' Then I shut PowerGraphics but the result is still same. My ansys programme is Student version from Ansys products. By the way my shape is created in Ansys Mechanical apdl-2015, I want to load in my Ansys-2019 to this volume but it is not. I hope I could explain my situation

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    Are you reading in the rst file in 2019R1 MAPDL?

    looks like the elements you selected are not valid/present?

    Are you able to plot the total deformation for the whole structure?

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    Not able to get the stress solution and define element table. In stress solution it shows the requested S data is not available. The PRNSOL command is ignored. and in element table while adding SMISC, # it shows the requested database is not available. The ETABLE command is ignored. this is in the student version ANSYS 2019 R1.

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    Not sure what element you are using. Perhaps try OUTRES, ALL, ALL before the solution.

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    Hi jason,

    I used solid65, solid45 and link180 for my reinforced concrete shape. I am new in Ansys, I don't know what ? must do. What is outres, Where is it, I am very appreciate for your helping

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    Click on the Results Viewer and load the RST, this should have the total deformation at least by default

    If that doesn't work, try using OUTRES,ALL,ALL as jason suggested in the command window.

    Take some time to go over the most commonly used commands in APDL. This article is very useful in getting started.

    Additionally, the Cornell learning modules have a few tutorials that you can pick up easily from.



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    Hey Serdal,

    Pomalley had the same issue and he suggested changing these settings.

    I was having the same issue but changing the mechanical product launcher settings from distributed computing to shared memory seems to work.  

    Product Launcher

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    Thanks nsiwac, I had this problem and your solution worked for me!

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    Thank you nsiwac. I too had the same problem. It worked now.

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    Hello everyone 

    I had some problem about mechanical apdl , thanks to nsiwac i solved one of them. but now when i try to see on graph it say'' no path data active plpath command is ignored'' 

    Is there anyone who could help me 


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    Hi, I have a very similar issue. I am calling Ansys MAPDL.exe with an input file from Python. This input file is a apdl command script. When calling the script from python the strain energy, I want to get with sene, is not callable and this error occurs in the file.err:

     *** WARNING ***                         CP =       4.399   TIME= 17:27:16
     Item SENE has not been stored in the database.  The ETABLE command is 

     *** ERROR ***                           CP =       4.399   TIME= 17:27:16
     Label STRAIN_E not recognized.

    The label STRAIN_E is of course the varibale I declared to be stored with SENE.

    Now, I´ve already read in some discussions that setting the product launcher to "Use Shared-Memory Parallel (SMP)" and I did that. Now, the clue is, if I run the script from Ansys Classic directly via import file, it all works fine. However, if I run the script from python, it does not!
    I tried to use the /PSCONTROL (/PSCONTROL,ON) apdl command in the hope of getting the issue solved but this didn´t work as well.

    Does anyone of you has an idea how to solve this issue?

    *** EDIT ***
    I Solved the issue. The trick was using the correct launcher log commands to manually enable "SMP". This website helped me:

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    Thanks nsiwac,

    Never expected that would be the solution.

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