Capacitive Harmonic Analysis in APDL


I am trying to perform a harmonic analysis on a circular plate clamped at its periphery and electrically actuated by a fixed electrode separated by a gap. I used TRANS126 elements for the capacitive elements and SOLID186 for the plate. The static analysis works fine and the results match with some other numerical models, which confirms that everything is fine with the model. However, in harmonic analysis, ANSYS solves the problem, but it gives zero deflection for all points in the plate for every frequency. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience or any idea to fix this problem. 

By the way, I did a harmonic analysis on the same system but with a cantilever beam instead of a circular clamped plate and it worked !!!

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     For those who may encounter a similar problem, I guess I figured it out:

    I ran my code in ANSYS 13.0 and it gave me the following errors. I applied these changes and it works now:

    TRANS126 allows only small signal modal or harmonic analysis after a large signal nonlinear analysis with prestress on. Apply PSTRES,ON in both the nonlinear and subsequent harmonic/modal step before issuing SOLVE.

    A prestressed analysis may not be performed when the previous analysis used NLGEOM, ON.

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