Defining Color Map-fixed color for each range, no automatic gradient

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I want to compare model results vs. experimental results. So I need to reproduce the same colormap from the experiments into CFD-post.

I define the number of the colors and I also assign the same color to each range of the results. But the experimental colorsmap is not a gradient one, where in CFD-post I have two options: either gradient or Zebra. The gradient option seems to work well, when defining it. But when I use it with same number of contours, the color in the middle, white color, is missing and is replaced with a blue gradient automatically.

'White color' appears when I increase the number of the contours to 19 contours, however it does not start from where it is supposed to (0.24 in experiments, 0.23 in the model-19 contours).

Please see the figure below:


My question is: Can I avoid gradient style and assign only one color to a range of values? Like in the experiments that everything from 0.28 to 0.32 is a yellow color with no gradient.

How can I define it so the number of colors, and the color for each range, stays fixed as it is defined?

 Do you know another way to define the target colormap as it is in the left side of the figure above?

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    Is there any comments on creating the exact scale as the one above? (target color-map experimental)


    I just saw that EnSight has the feature, one can adjust the range of the colors easily manually on the plot. That would be very useful to have it also on CFD-Post.

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