Get position data defined by 6DOF

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Hello everyone!

I need some help with my thesis about a check valve analysis.

I want to simulate a check valve opening and closing which motion is defined by the 6DoF solver. I have a UDF which defines the velocity on the inlet over time (which luckily works).

What I don't know is how to create an output of the poppet position (let's say the center of gravity) over time. I have a suspicion that it could have be done with UDM or UDS but I never used them and could not find a sufficient example yet.

If you need any more detail I might provide.

Thank you in advance,



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    Hello Laci, 

    One way to do this is to perhaps create a surface Report Definition that tracks the vertex maximum of the location of the moving part. 


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    Hello Kalyan!

    I feel ashamed now, I didn't thought about this solution.

    I have another question which can be trickier: For a solved case, if I didn't make this report, how can I get the same location? I know I can open the case (or data?) files and get it from the 6DOF settings, but besides that?


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