Same Cross Section Different Deformation


I'm curious of the reason for different deformation result with the same cross section. 
First of all i used Circular Tube on a 1 m Line Body element and analyzed the tip deflection by applying force. 
Secondly, i used the User Defined option and created the same geometry with the same dimensions and got the results. 


As it can be seen the figure below, Circular Tube obeys the 'Euler Bernoulli Beam Theory' and User Defined Geometry obeys the 'Timoshenko Beam Theory'. 

1-Why does ansys use different theories for the same cross sections?
2-What is the reason of differences between Shear Centers for both section?





  • jj77jj77 Member
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    Beams in wb are beam188 which are Timoshenko beams. They give the same result more or less and the smx difference comes very likely from the numerical calculation in the background to find the section constants. It could just be graphical thing since wb is not great to render beam Element and results, that is what I think. See help manual for beam188, also in the solution info it is stated what Element is used to know more on the underlying theory and approach
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    Thank you for your response. I'll check the manual.

  • jj77jj77 Member
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    No worries - look through line bodies in help.


    If we change the Cross Section For Solver (under details of line body and definitions) for the user defined section (mesh will be send to APDL, rather then pre integrate constants), then it renders much better with the mesh option there.

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