No stress results under load combinations


I'm trying to run a structural analysis with load combinations on a glazing panel. I added the load combinations by the load step methods, and I got results for deformation and reaction. However, I cannot get the results for the combined load cases for stress.

I have 4 basic load cases (load steps), and 8 combined load cases. As shown, I have results of 12 load cases for deformation, but only four basic load cases for stress.



Could anyone please help me with this issue?

Thank you!





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    not sure -


    Ansys is not a pure civil structural software like Sofistik Strand7 LUSAS RFEM SAP2000,..., so it is not that straightforward to do combinations and envelopes.


    The best way is not by using a single static and with the load tables or activate deactivate.


    The recommended approach is to have a static with your load cases (separate), thus only one is activate at a load step (e.g., say there are 2 load steps; first gravity is active and pressure is inactive, and then the other way around for the second load step).


    The static is transferred to a design assessment (also possible without, then just do the solution comb in static), and in which we can add a solution combination tool (go to Model and right click insert solution combination).


    Then we can assign load combination factors per EC or any other standard :



    For more inf on this see

    search also in help for design assessment and/or solution combination





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