Output nodal forces & reactions to text file in MAPDL - seeking alternative to /OUTPUT

Hi all,

I have a script that I'm running in batch to run a high volume of static structural simulations and am using *VWRITE to save what I need to text files so that I can post-process in MATLAB. I am having some trouble, however, finding a way to access nodal force and reaction data; I do not see a means of storing them to a variable using either *GET or *VGET; the only commands I have seen which work are PRRFOR and FSUM, both of which only print to the "output" file; currently, I am redirecting these outputs to a specific file using the /OUTPUT command, but there is still a lot of header garbage such as:

 *** ANSYS - ENGINEERING ANALYSIS SYSTEM  RELEASE Release 18.2     18.2     ***
 ANSYS Academic Research                           
 00401450  VERSION=WINDOWS x64   09:20:19  MAY 30, 2019 CP=     15.656

... that I would really rather do without since it is a bunch of unnecessary information that only makes my life more difficult if I want to read the data into another program (e.g. MATLAB).

Does anyone know of another means for me to grab the nodal forces and reactions and save them into arrays so that I can output them using *VWRITE and avoid the extraneous info?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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