Analysis Stuck at "Building Mathematical Model"

I'm using the academic ANSYS Mechanical (19.2 and 2019 R1) suite provided by my university, and I'm running into an issue. When I have the distribute solution option checked in the solve process settings menu, the solving process gets stuck at "Building Mathematical Model". I have read a couple of other posts about this issue, but none of the suggestions have helped. Some things I have tried are:

  • Using the 19.2 and 2019 R1 versions of the software.
  • Checking my operating system for corruption (sfc and dism).
  • Disabling my antivirus and firewall.

I have also run into an issue trying to use the GPU acceleration option. Instead of getting stuck, I get a notification that an unknown error has occurred. I have a NVIDIA Quadro M1200. Having both features would be nice to have, but having distributed processing is the really important thing for me. Any ideas?


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