Matrix solver exception: could not apply displacements because the mesh would become invalid


I try to perform a EM-thermal-stess analysis in Workbench 19v2 of a simple microstrip line section and use the displacement data from Ansys Mechanical to simulate the altered behavior of my microwave element. The maximum displacement I get from the structural analysis is 25 um. However, feeding this data to HFSS results in invalid mesh error, as follows:

"Solving adaptive frequency …, proces hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: Could not apply all displacements because the mesh would become invalid".

Any suggestions how to cope with this problem? My EM setup is: 0.005 max delta S, max 15 passes with basis function of zeroth order.


  • piotrkurganpiotrkurgan Member
    edited July 2019

    Additional information that might be useful in figuring out the source of the problem is that the EM analysis fails only when structural deformations are enabled for all elements of the structure (both gnd and strip copper as well as the substrate). This problem ceases to exist when only copper elements are subjected to deformations. Any suggestions how to run the simulation including substrate deformations?

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