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On installing 19.0 I get this error on opening Design Modeller.  I Uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, no success.  Any hints?  I saw this was referred to in an older thread but the solution isn't still available.


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    The key issue here is the error message "System clock has been set back" 

    This issue occurs when FlexNet checks file date of some random files on the system and compare with the system clock. If it finds any file that has the date into the future, the license will not work because it would automatically assume that the system clock has been tampered or set back.

    Try to locate the files that have the future date and either delete them (if applicable) or change the date. You can look for some free-ware or just try using Windows Explorer > Date Modified > Then select date/month/year into the future. Make sure you can see all hidden/system files.


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    error i am getting, in opening mechanical apdl


  • I tried the method of finding the files with a future date, but it has system files, and the amount of files I found is huge. Is there any software I can use to make these changes at once? I still have the issue

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    If the future date happens in your system files, I'd recommend to reformat. There is something really wrong in the systems and it could potentially be from virus.

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