Specifying the permeability of the porous medium

I'm trying to specify the permeability of the porous medium, approx. 1.43e-21 m^2.  But under the "Permeability and Loss Coefficient" option, it only allows to go as low as e-20 m^2. Is there anyway I could bypass this limit?


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited July 2019

    If your permeability is that low do you expect any flow?  The limits in Fluent are (usually) there to stop you adding in source terms that'll mess up the numerics: you can't bypass them. 

  • asyraffxasyraffx Member
    edited July 2019

    According to the reference, there should be some flow through the porous domain using the specify the permeability. I just found out I could override the source terms limit using UDF.


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