question to particel tracking in polyflow/ mixing task; particel leaving the die/ fluid

Dear ansys-team,

I have tried to simulate a mixing task with particle tracking. The simulation works fine, but I have some serious problems with several particles leaving my geometry. If I use automatic slicing at a certain time everything seems to be fine. All of my particles (3000) are staying in my chosen geometry.


For my analysis, I need all of my particles to be at a certain point. So I used slices at a certain distance. However, now several particles are leaving my geometry.




I have tried to decrease the distance between the slices. It had no effect on the particel leaving the goemetry.

I have also definded stopping planes exactly at the lokation of my walls. It also had no effect on the particel leaving the die.

I have definded stopping planes in my "fluid". If doing so the symulation time increases enormously.

Is there anything I can do to stop does particel leaving my goemetry?

I have used zero velocity condidtion for my walls. Is the condition creating does problems?

Thank you so much for your help.

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