honeycomb properties.

I am making a sandwich panel composites with kevlar honeycomb at its core.

The datasheets provided by the manufacture is this:-

here  shear modulus is given in  2 directions and shear strength of material.

To completely define the material in ansys library under the orthotropic elasticity i need following values:-

here i have shear modulus in XY & YZ direction. Anyone knows how to find out the remaining values?

(i have emailed my query to the manufacturer).


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    I believe a honeycomb structure will be a transversely isotropic material and not an orthotropic one. This one assumption will reduce the no. of Engineering constants from 9 to 5 (E1, E2, G12, nu12, nu23)

    So, G12 = G13, E2 = E3 and nu_12 = nu_13

    Also, nu_12/E1 = nu_21/E2

    So, what is your longitudinal, transverse moduli and the poission's ratio? If you know those, you can calculate the rest using the above specificed relations.

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    There is a similar discussion here.

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