Using STL files to create solid geometry in SpaceClaim Engineer

Can I use STL files to create solid geometry in SpaceClaim Engineer?


  • ArunArun Member
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    Yes, there is a check box in the Options menu under the File options section for STL files: Import as body. Check this option on to import STL files as solids. This imports a solid with the same faces as the STL mesh and you can modify the geometry the same way you would edit solids created in SpaceClaim. Check ON the Merge Faces option to merge the mesh faces during import

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    When I do this, a lot of facets are being created in the solid body. How to get a complete solid body with just the original number of facets?

  • @Ojas_Babannavar when you import an STL file, you get exactly the original facets that are in the STL file.

    Do you mean that if you have a smooth solid body, put a mesh on it, deform it in Static Structural then export the deformed shape, you get an STL file with a lot of facets?

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