Ansys Maxwell - Mesh Refinement for eddy currents

Hi Guys,

I come up again to the Phorum because I need an advice. 

Attached you can find a section of the geometry I am trying to simulate. You have to revolute the geometry along the z-axis to generate the full geometry.

In any case, as I am interested in evaluating the eddy currents, I would like to know whether is possible to add more mesh elements near the outer and the inner edges. 

I am trying to use the skin-depth mesh but it does not work.

I hope someone can help me,



  • mbeliaevmbeliaev Member
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    you can add additional slightly smaller object inside of your body.

    Example: you have box in 2D (0,0,10,10)

    you add object (0,0,10,9). then small layer on the right (0,9,10,9) would be meshed good

    If you add them as of the same material as initial body then from physical point of view you will not have any change. However it will force mesher to mesh both objects and then this gap would be remeshed very fine


  • Aliosha86Aliosha86 Member
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    Thank you very much for your precious advice. I will try to use your suggestion for my simulations.




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