Areas not being defined in Mechanical APDL


i have crated a 2D model for a coupled field analysis using design modeler in Workbench. It has 3 different components with overlapping surfaces. I defined the displacement DOFs and a standard mesh in the workbench environment. I the imported the geometry into Mechanical APDL with 'write input file'. The problem i'm facing is that when the input file is opened in APDL, only nodes have been imported and not the areas defining the components. I'm not able to figure out why this is happening. I also tried creating the geometry in NX and imported the Parasolid and IGES file, but I am having the same problem of areas not being transferred into APDL. I tried the 'Plot areas' command and i am getting a message saying there are no areas to display. I have attached an image for reference Could someone please help me out.


Thank you

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