Hyperelastic 2-way FSI fails due to large deformations

ManateeManatee Member Posts: 19

Hi guys,

I am looking at a hyperelastic artery with pulsatile flow. Ideally, I would like to study the effect of the wall deformation on the fluid flow so I am trying to set up a 2-way FSI. However, the model fails due to large deformations/distorted solid model (I have large deflections turned on). Until now I have checked the following:

  • The structural model solves and converges just fine in Mechanical (by itself and when applying a simplified pressure curve as present in the fluid as boundary condition) with realistic results
  • The fluid model solves and converges just fine in CFX with realistic results
  • A 1-way FSI with CFX: force --> Mechanical also solves and converges

So now I am stumped as to what else I can try. Apparently, when including the other data transfer (Mechanical: displacement --> CFX), the deformations in the solid model just becomes too large? I would have understood that if the error occurred for the fluid mesh but I cannot think of what to do the other way around. Does anyone have an idea?




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