How do I parameterize a User Defined RVE?

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I am trying to determine the relationship between a design parameter (in this case the diameter of the cylinder cut outs, see picture) and the resulting material properties. I was originally just setting all of these models up by hand in mechanical and doing the math myself to find average Young's modulus and Poisson ratio, but then I found Material Designer. However, the only way that I have found to use a User Defined RVE geometry was to copy and paste a body from SpaceClaim (as suggested in This means that I can't (a) import parameters from a CAD model (only in Design Modeler) and (b) I can't iterate over multiple diameters. Am I missing a step in Material Designer that allows me to work either with Design Modeler (so I can import dimensions) or to import data from a Geometry or Parameters cell?

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    I confirmed that for user defined RVEs, the only available parameter in a variable material analysis is temperature (provided that at least one of the constituent materials is temperature dependent).

    Currently, we don't support geometric parameters in a variable material.

    What you should be able to do, is to define these parameters on WB level and run DP studies.


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