LPG tank

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I am trying simulate a multiphase system ( pure liquefied propane) in a tank under heating using ANSYS FLUENT 2021R1. The tank doesn´t have flow in and flow out, it is closed. I Set 0.95 liquefied propane using Patch. But, ANSYS show me 2 error messages. I have tryed find the solution by myself but I coudnt.

The error messages are: 1- latent heat can´t be less than zero. 2- float point exception.

 In my set up, I am using: 

VOF+Lee, propane (gas SRK equation for density); two phases; phase 1 is gas; sharp; The material properties are the same as ANSYS database.

suface tension coefficient 0.004; 

mass transfer- evaporation/condensation, 1 mechanism, frequency 0.1 (both);

The sataturation temperature I set a polinomial from a databook;

The liquid propane I created from propane (ansys data) and set a polinomial dependent of temperature for each properties (density, viscosity, thermal condutivity and specific heat). Those polinomials equations I got from a Chemical engineering databook. The other properties ( reference temperature, standard Enthalpy and mocecular weigth) I used the same as propane ansys database.

What am I doing wrong?

I aprecciate any help. Thanks in advance.


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