How to export data in Harmonic analysis

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I used harmonic analysis to study the effect of a harmonic force on a plate, Now I would like to ave the results in a table format? ( Displacement by frequency value)

I would like also to have ( displacement by time) is that possible????


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    Hello @Mohammedlamine

    You could do this by right clicking on the result (lets say deformation) -> export. Check out this video For displacement vs time you will have to perform a transient structural analysis instead of a harmonic analysis.



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    @1shan Dear Sir I performed Modal superposition with transient yet I am having some problem.

    I am working on analysis of a plate, I added a transient to collect deformation by time due to a force impact

    I wanna ask two questions:

    the first I added a tabular (time) yet I am having 456 pts while I am using only 266 as input.( have only 266 value of force)

    then I would like that my input get repited for 2 or 3 time

  • MohammedlamineMohammedlamine Czech RepublicPosts: 52Member

    @1shan Dear Sir I performed Modal superposition with transient yet I am having some problem.

    I compiled my forced value to get a tabular form so I can insert it in transient ( I have only 226 value) yet when I input them I get more. even for the step

    how to do? shall I use full transient ( transient only) ? is that will influence the accuracy of the reults?

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    Hello @Mohammedlamine,

    Sorry for the late reply. I am not very clear about what you are asking. I assume that you have 456 data points but you are just being able to add 226. Is that the query? If so you could try this setting - Number of steps=1, Current step=1, Step end time=456 s, time step=1. This will generate 456 data points. Also if you want to add a sine function you could directly do so by clicking on the arrow next to Magnitude -> function = sin(time)



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    My quest was ..... I have a tabular data (Force(time)) ....time is varying for 0-10s with. so I registred 226 points (f,t) in this table.

    would you please help me with the settings?

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