DPM Fluent one-way coupling..... volume fraction

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i have a tridimentional jet impingement (nozzle-wall) model and i need to carry out an analysis of a 0.011 Kg/s particles, the volume of the domain is 6.6667e-5 m3, according with the theory for a one way coupling analysis the dispersed phase must be aprox 0.001 of the whole volume, how can i relate the mass flow in seconds with the volume concentration?

is the volume concentration of the dispersed phase at time step that of 0.001 of the whole volume ??

an what are the relations between the time step for unsteady analysis DPM and Step Lenght Factor?

and finnally in unsteady analysis DPM, in the injections there are another parameteres the initial time and the stop time, how is relate with the unsteady analysis? i think that fluent is nothing clear with all parameters to control the simulation


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    If you click on Help you'll find the documentation. Look in the field variables for DPM Concentration and the DPM chapter of the User's Manual and Theory Guide for the rest.

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