How to extract mathematical equations with position parameters out of ANSYS to put it into MATLAB?

DastanDastan Member Posts: 1

I am working on simulating disk clutches. The two disks connect when they are required to transmit the torque. For my MATLAB lumped parametric model, I need an equation for the toque capacity carried by the clutch depending on the axial and torsional positions of the disks.


  • 1shan1shan Posts: 377Ansys Employee

    Hello @Dastan,

    I hope you have performed the simulation and just want to know how to get results for the torque on a disk vs position of the disk, right? You could insert a position probe to track the angular(you will have to insert a cylindrical coordinate system) or axial position of the disk. You could also find the moment reaction using the result probes. You could export these results in .csv format by right clicking the result>export and then use this in MATLAB.



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