Usage of Revolute Joint as Pin Connection

I was trying to run a simple analysis of 2 bar connected with pin. I tried to define the pin connection as revolute joint. However I received error after running the analysis.

Could u please advise what could have gone wrong?


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    You have a mechanism in the model. One part has zero stiffness in rotation about the Z axis. This causes the solution to fail with the error you see.

    If you go under Analysis Settings, you can turn on Weak Springs, which will automatically add weak springs that will provide a non-zero stiffness to the bodies allowing the solver to compute the results.

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    Hi Peter,

    1)I have turn on the "Weak Springs" function. When I ran the simulation with force of 5000N, the results seems ok though still need to validify since there is no sign of deformation on the other plate as shown in the picture below:-

    2) After that, I increase the force to 50000N but it seems to be error as shown below:-

    3) Actually, what is the best/accurate way to simulate pin connection?

    Really looking forward for your opinion regarding these 3 questions..

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Posts: 11,729Member
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    1) Plot the deformation on one body, not All Bodies.

    2) You might need to turn on Auto Time Stepping and set the Initial Substeps to 100. You might also need to turn on Large Deflection.

    3) The most accurate way to simulate a pinned connection is to add a pin to the model and use Frictional contact between the pin and the holes.

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