forced displacements in structural mechanics

In an external model: Can I define an additional internal plane and force it into a well-defined position and orientation?

Background: from in vivo motion capturing measurments I know the displacements of certain cross section planes inside a bone and I want to derive the stress/strain pattern in the rest of the bone via FEM. Geometric bone models are available.




  • 1shan1shan Posts: 572Ansys Employee

    Hello @mittag

    You could create a plane at well defined locations using Spaceclaim or any other cad software and then split your bone using these planes. You could then select these faces and add displacements. You could also add coordinate systems that align with these section planes and specify displacements in those user defined coordinate systems.



  • mittagmittag Posts: 2Member

    I am thinking on selecting all nodes near such a virtual plane and to shift them correspondingly. Is that reasonable, what do you think? And how can I do that with APDL in the preprocessing? In APDL, ist there an if structure available for selecting all nodes within a certain range of z-value? I have a rotation matrix available. Can I do vector/matrix algebra in APDL?



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