the Mesh program won't open.

I'll get three error messages when I attempt to open it.

1st is a nearly empty one that states:

Script Error

Line: 87842

char: 8


Code: 80004005


Script: ribbonDriver.ExternalActions.importActionsFromFile(filePath);

2nd is similar and contains the following:

Script Error

Line: 8792

Char: 8

Error: 'actConsolePane' is null or not an object

code: 800a138f

source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

script: actConsolePane.Caption = mechanicalScriptingPaneName;

following this, the mesh program gui opens but without loading any geometry with a final error message:

Script Error

Line: 93574

Char: 4

Error: 'panActionSink' is undefined

Code: 800a1391

Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error.


This is a bit beyond me. I've followed all download instructions. The program was working just fine until yesterday when I was running out of space on my C:// drive and decided to move a couple of unrelated folders that only contained documents and such - nothing related to Ansys, from my C: drive to the D: drive. I didn't delete anything. That's when this problem started but even after moving everything back to its original location, even after uninstalling and reinstalling Ansys, I'm getting the same error and I'm just at a total loss.

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  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 1,088Ansys Employee
    Accepted Answer

    @aqren Please try these steps:

    1.Rename ansys from %APPDATA%\ansys to ansys.old (where %APPDATA% is where your APPDATA variable is set to - "Just type %APPDATA% in the Explorer Address bar" and it will take you there). Rename .ansys from %TEMP% to old.ansys (same as above just type: %TEMP% in the address bar)

    2. Run the ProductConfig.exe from C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\vXX.x\ and configure the application again by right-clicking the productconfig.exe file and select "Run as Administrator" selecting all options. Make sure you run this as administrator and install all the prerequisites

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 1,088Ansys Employee
    Accepted Answer

    @aqren It would seem that one of the files in your settings may have been corrupted in some way. Renaming the directory essentially puts you in a NEW configuration without those files. There's no clear reason for why this has happened, so it's not possible to say how to avoid it.


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