Conversion of body to DesignModeler format failed

jjwon2jjwon2 Member Posts: 2

I have a Creo model which is a surface and has parameters. I want to do a 2D analysis with the parameters, so I used the CAD interface to transfer the geometry. The geometry and parameters transfer over fine into DesignModeler. I sketched a fluid domain and created surface from sketch. When I try to boolean subtract the new surface with my Creo surface, I get the error "Conversion of body to DesignModeler format failed". Is there a solution to this?

The boolean subtract works if I import the CAD as a STEP file, making me think it's an issue with importing a native Creo file, but the STEP file doesn't transfer parameters, so I'd prefer not to use it. For that reason, I cannot use SpaceClaim either.


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