Free ANSYS Research software for Student Competition Teams

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Did you know that ANSYS provides FREE engineering simulation software for university-based student teams participating in competitions such as Formula & BAJA SAE SAE (all type), Design-Build Fly, Supermileage, Aero Design, Solar Challenge, Electronic Design Competition, Solar Splash, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, Racing Aeolus, Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) and many more?

Teams will be provided a package of ANSYS Academic Research and HPC Products to explore the power and performance of ANSYS structural, fluid, composites and electronics based simulations.

This offered research-level software is equivalent to our commercial version capable of generating unlimited nodes/cells/elements. There is no capability restriction.

These products will enable the design of prototype/components such as suspension, steering system, brakes, roll cages, external aero systems, diffusers, intake manifolds, engine casings, composite tructures and many more.

Interested teams can apply for this sponsorship by submitting the following application form:


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    Please tell me, what are the criteria for a team to be sponsored? Share the link, please. ANSYS products are always of the highest quality in our niche. I had maybe a long time to use the free software, it's great! I am also wondering how much does pay student software costs? My student team is not based in the United States.

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    We have very simple criteria. Any university-based student team designing & manufacturing real prototypes and participating in the competition hosted by third-party organizations such as SAE, ASME, etc is eligible for getting software sponsorship from us. The application link is available in my post above.

    If you wish to purchase the software or know the cost, please submit the form available on the contact us section under the page: Based on your location, our local sales team will help you with this.

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