About Random Vibration Analysis of a Circuit Board in the Structural Dynamics course

I tried to do the Random Vibration Analysis of a Circuit Board. However, the application aborted the solution and displayed a warning saying that my product licence has numerical problem size limits, and I have exceeded these problem size limits and the solver cannot proceed. Am I right in thinking that this simulation example is not intended for the student version of the application? Or maybe someone could advise me another set of simulation settings that will allow me to run the simulation of this problem with a smaller numerical size? By the way, I could not use the supplied archive for this simulation too. The Windows states that its size is zero, as per the following screenshot. The application can't open it and displays an error. I guess it is corrupted. Could the support staff update the zip archive on the website please?


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    Thank you so much for bringing that to our notice. The completed archived file has now been replaced with the correct one. Please let us know if you still face issues downloading it.

    About the numerical limit: Student version has a limit of 32000 nodes. If you go to Mesh -->Details-->Statistics, you can see the total number of nodes in the model. If you increase the element size, you should be able to reduce the total number of nodes to below 32000 and run the model with student version.


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