my carrier concentration don't change with bias voltage in the transient simulation of charge

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i am doing a transient simulation using charge, i want to simulate the carrier concentration vs bias voltage which is a step function of time . but i find that after running my simulation file, the charge distribution didn't change with time. it seem as if the voltage didn't apply to the anode. my setup are shown as follow



  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 80Ansys Employee


    The settings you shared seem fine. In your results, do you see the current increasing around when the voltage is turned on? If yes, this might not be related to the transient simulation settings. You can further examine by running a steady-state simulation (and have the voltage changed) and see if the change in carrier concentration matches your expectations there. This should be helpful for better understanding where the issue is coming from. Please let me know if there are updates or if you have further questions.

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