How to track a specific mode profile for variable structure dimen?

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I have waveguide that sustains surface electromagnetic waves propagation. I have some script that changes structures parameters and as a result neff of mode is also changing. I use option "trace current mode" from mode source and I also can change number of trial modes using command seteigensolver(" number of trial modes ",value);.

But the problem is that it is still not enough and I need to change "search near n" each time in my script in loop whan I change waveguide width and hight, because in this case mode neff changes too. For example, first I try to find mode neat 1.1 and use 100 trial modes. I vary parameters of waveguide in range 0-200 nm hight and 0.5-2 mkm width. When I have structures of 200 nm/ 2 mkm mode neff is more then 1.4 and I cannot find it using search near n in 100 modes. I know that I can increase number of trial modes, but the calculations are too long.

So I'm looking for a way to change neff each time in script . I will be glad if you have any ideas and script examples, or if you have worked with this question.

P.S.: I think that question or something similar has been discussed here:, but it's not availuable at the moment :(


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