Calculating damping force and damping coefficient.

I have modelled an eddy current damper, done its transient analysis. I got the various results , but keen interest is to calculated the damping force and damping coefficient associated with the dampers. Please suggest the procedure to calculated the same.

Eddy Current dampers ( Basic Working) - In general ECD consist of a conducting plate and a magnet, which are placed adjacent to each other with a certain gap. A velocity (supposed) is given to the plate and the magnet remains stationary. So, as the plate move, the plate will see a change in a magnetic field by which eddy current will be generated in the plate and due to this current a magnetic field will be generated of opposite polarity as that of the magnet. Due to this generated magnetic field, the magnet experiences a force which is the damping force (In this case).


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    Hi @D_D ,

    Which Ansys tool are you using?

    If you are using Ansys Maxwell, you can calculate the force experienced by the magnet by assigning the force parameter to the magnet.

    You can look at the Below help section to understand how to set up a transient problem.

    If this did not solve your problem, explain How is your simulation setup and what results do you get with the help of some screenshots. This will help interpret the problem correctly.



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    Hi @nchode

    Im using ANSYS 16.0 APDL

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