viscous fingering

For multiphase flow inside a porus medium how at the interface of two liquids ( water-oil) can produce instability when two fluid has different viscosity. 


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    The CFD solvers will model the fluid flow, but I'm not sure I understand what you want to find out. Please can you explain what you're trying to do? 

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    SIR actually my problem is that when two different fluid mixes between two parallel plate than an fingers type structure will form ,but in ansys i am not able to patch the two fluid to create the fingers structure .In present problem first  water is fill between the plates then after oil is inject in the water and after some time of mixing the interface of the flow a finger structure will form , so sir in setup portion of the fluent I facing  some problem for more than 1 month duration . so sir i want help for this .

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    Moved this post to the Fluids section so more people can chip in to assist you.

    Can you share more details of how you are setting things up? Screenshots of your setup would be useful so that users in the community can pick things up and point it out to you.

    If you are very new to CFD, I would suggest you to start simple. Make a 2D planar geometry and select the VOF model in Fluent to set things up. Define the two fluids (water and oil) in the materials tab. Patch the domain with water initially and setup the boundary conditions appropriately such that oil is injected into the domain filled with water. As the simulation proceeds, you can see the interface between the fluids developing and taking different structures. 

    Below are a few video tutorials that would be of help:

    Two Phase Fluid Flow Analysis in ANSYS Fluent

    CFD Fluent tutorial - Ink Jet drop formation | VOF model

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