Rotation and Bending of Transversely loaded shaft

Howdy Folks, I have been trying to recreate this simulation defined in this paper. I have attached the boundary conditions and the results. I have been trying to apply define remote displacements to prevent motion except rotation but I have not been able to solve it. I have been trying to use ANSYS Static Structural. Please let me know if I am using the right boundary conditions and solver.

Results of simulation

Boundary conditions


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    Static Structural is the right analysis system for this.

    The boundary conditions figure is a section view, I assume, and you are going to use a symmetry boundary condition to do a half model, is that your plan?

    In Ansys, use a Fixed Support on one end and apply a Moment to the other end. I expect the rotational velocity is small and would have a negligible effect on the stress so can be ignored.

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    Hi @shyamsundar , I've done some similar simulations using modal to find mode shape results.

    I usually use remote displacements to constraint the models, would you please share the boundary conditions?, I think there is an issue with the image.


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