I am using MacBook Pro with M1chip, how can I install or any other ways to use Ansys ?

 I had been working on simulation work with ansys on my old laptop which is windows operating system during Undergraduate program. As I said, am using MacBook Pro ansys is doesn't available to my MacBook. Is there any alternative methods to use ansys on my Mac?. Solutions to my query is really helpful.


  • sprakashsprakash Posts: 48Ansys Employee

    Hi @yaswanthgella

    As you have rightly mentioned, the Ansys software is only available for Windows and not for Mac OS. If you want to run Ansys on your MacBook, then you might have to use a windows emulator or you may need to install Windows 11 using BootCamp.



  • RobRob UKPosts: 12,214Forum Coordinator

    To add, we don't technically support Win11 at present so Win10 might be a better choice. Apparently we (Ansys) are moving all machines over later this year: if we disappear at that point it'll be because IT forgot to test our software....

  • yaswanthgellayaswanthgella Posts: 2Member

    Technically, M1 chip macbook doesn’t support bootcamp. Coming to windows emulator thing: Does Apple officially recommends that?

  • RobRob UKPosts: 12,214Forum Coordinator

    No idea what Apple recommend: I use Win10 & Linux within Ansys and Win10 & Android at home. Ansys doesn't have a iOS build so you either need an emulator which we don't support but that we've seen work OR a computer with a supported operating system (Win10 for Student).

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