How to install Fluent to ANSYS AIM?



My university uses ANSYS AIM 18.0. I've created a model using fluent on a uni computer and am trying to open it on my laptop. I've installed both ANSYS AIM 18.2 and ANSYS Student 19.0. When I try to open it in the Student Workbench it tells me 'this product must be opened in AIM'. So then I go to open it in AIM, and it tells me 'This project contains data that requires software modules that are not installed. Please install the required modules and try again', and the required module is Fluent. So how do I install Fluent on AIM?




  • vganorevganore Pune, IndiaAdmin
    edited February 2018

    I am just trying to make sure you open correct Workbench platform related to ANSYS Student.  Could you please open Workbench from following directory?:

    C:\Program Files\ANSYS Student\v190\Framework\bin\Win64 >>RunWb2. Then open your project from Workbench. See if this works. 

    Second method could be to open Fluent in a standalone mode and load case and data files.

  • thomasd1thomasd1 Member
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    So opening it from that directory gives me the same result; it tells me to open it in AIM. How would I use the second method because I need spaceclaim, mesh, setup and analysis all integrated on workbench for the things im doing?

  • vganorevganore Pune, IndiaAdmin
    edited February 2018

    Could you please attach the project file achieve for checking it out or zip your project files and attach?

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