Importing results files into Transient Structural

The Transient Structural solver writes many files during its solution, (.rdb .bat .ldhi .msav .osav .ROxx) but when you want to look at results and you go >Solution information > Read Results File which do you choose? If the analysis hasn't completed and the final results file hasnt been written? 


Reading any of these files seems to take an extremely long time and usually does nothing.


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    Are you using Workbench or APDL?

    In Workbench, you don't need to Read Results File, it is automatically available when the solver finishes.  You can track if the solver is working by clicking on Solution Information and selecting Time if you are doing a Full Transient (no Modal inputs). If it has not reached the End Time and you want to look at the results so far, you can Interrupt the solution. You have to wait for it to complete that request.

    If you are learning Transient Structural, set the End Time to a very short duration so there are a small number of time steps solved, like only 10-100 depending on how long you have to wait for each step to solve. That way you can get a feel for how it works on a small results set.

    I have a Transient that has 18 s for an End Time, and at a 1e-3 s time step, that is 18,000 steps in the results. It does take a long time to plot a time history. However, if you are interested in the result at the end only, then set Calculate Time History to No and the result will show quickly.

    If you want to see the maximum over time, set that, but you have to wait while it searches through all the results before it plots that.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    I am importing results outputted from MAPDL as part of a system coupling (solved remotely on a HPC cluster). So the only way I can think to view the results is to open workbench (where I created the .inp input file), and then go to solution information and read the result file from the output of the MAPDL solver, but I am having trouble doing this. I dont know which file to read, and they are all very large, causing it to essentially freeze. How can I view these results files?

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    I can't help you with this, but I expect someone else might.

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    Please see the following help section:

    Ansys Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Basic Analysis Guide -> Chapter 20.4 Text and Binary Files

    This will give you information on all the files that MAPDL can create.  Then if you've not found it...the result file is the extension rst.  Depending on the version you are using (not noted) you will also need the main out and err file for a 'proper' reading in of the results.



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