Rotating airfoil simulation - Fluent ansys - CL, CD?

Hello guys, I am in real need, I am working on my diploma thesis and the deadline is really close. I am having a bit of trouble with getting correct results of CL and CD from simulation over a rotating airfoil.
This is what I did so far:
I followed this video on youtube:  make the rotating aifoil by creating to interface zones one is fluid, and the other one is inside of it - rotating - and inside this one is my airfoil as a rotating wall... My airfoil´s chord line has 1 meter. I situated the airfoil in the middle of the rotating circle... I set the rotation of the rotating part -0,5 radians... time step is 0,005 and the number of timesteps is 200.. Simulation is fine just my values of CL and CD are crazy high, I dont know where I could make a mistake. Here is the picture of the lift curve generated by fluent in "report definitions"..
If there will be need to upload any other screenshots just let me know. If anyone would be able to get me out of this desperate situation I would be very grateful. Thank you


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