wind tunnel analysis on high rise structural with static structure

Hi,i have a question regarding to a fluent wind tunnel analysis. I m trying to simulate a high rise structure in a wind tunnel and use the pressure from the impact between the wind and the structure to do a static structure. In the wind tunnel analysis, i am using the K-omega SST model with 700 iteration to perform the analysis. The first picture is the model. The second picture is the model after importing my pressure force from fluent.


1. What CFD surface should i import my pressure force from? 

2. since the the wind force should be increase as the height increase, how come it is lower at top and more on the bottom? even though the top of the structure have a slope, should the middle of the structure have the highest force?

3. how can i verify my modeling?





  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited September 2019

    1) Which ever surface you want the data from: I'd suggest the ones that represent the building. 

    2) Plot the pressure on the building walls in Fluent, that'll help figure out what's wrong with the results. 


    As an aside, can you update to 2019R2?  Or are you using a computer lab machine? 

  • MrjiangMrjiang Member
    edited October 2019

    thank you for your answer.

    i m using a computer lab machine.

    Question: for my inflation layer to achieve a desirable Y+ value, where will i set up my inflation layer? is it at the ground layer, wall of the structure, or edge?

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited October 2019

    It depends! If you want drag on the building I'd focus on that, but you may also need to consider the ground nearer the building as that'll have an effect. You also need to consider the mesh in the wake zone: y+ just gets the near wall flow, you also need to consider what else happens (separation etc). 

  • MrjiangMrjiang Member
    edited October 2019

    well for my research, I am interested in the pressure acting on the impact wall. since wind increase along with height, my assumption will be a gradient increase of pressure from the bottom to the top of the structure. However, in all of my modeling they don't show that but instead pressure is concentrated at the middle of the wall and decrease as it move away to the edge of the building. 

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