CFD Radiator Analysis


i am a student of automotive eng. and i want to make a heat transfer and exchange analysis with cfd fluent but i cant assign wall boundary to the contact regions so the heat transfer is 0. how can i fix this situation?  and is there another method to make radiator analysis?


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    If you create a conformal mesh it'll help. But you may also need to make the radiator bit solid. As you've not really explained what you're trying to show it's not easy to answer. 

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    Hello sir,

    I want to impose mixed boundary condition on wall boundary in FLUENT.

    the data is HTC, outside temperature, emissivity only but FLUENT asks external radiation temperature also.

    my doubt is what is the difference between free stream and external radiation temperature? could you please help me


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    i want to assign wall boundary condition to the contact region. to improve heat transfer from water to tube but i couldn t. is there any way to provide heat transfer. and how can i make a realist thermal analysis of a radiator.

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