Would Preventing Reverse flow (using a Option) effect our results? How to judge backflow conditons?

alexhathwayalexhathway SwedenMember

Hello ANSYS,


Working On Natural convection heat transfer using as Pressure based Solver with Gravity.

Geometry: Open Enclosure

1. Are reverse flow conditions harmful? 

2. Will preventing those effect our solution or convergence ? 

3. Is it Optimum to set Backflow Temperature same as Inlet temperature if we dont have a backflow..

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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited December 2019

    Sometimes, maybe and possibly.

    More usefully.....  Back flow tends to slow conergence if the values used are "wrong". Getting them right is hard, so we try and avoid the issue. Without knowing where, why and how much back flow there is it's difficult to answer your questions properly.

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