Cant select as body but selection comes as a line


i am not able to select that body as a whole to apply load nor for anything. created by coordinates file by adding points and lines joining points. later did pattern. now this is like a truss and i needed to give load on the top face of the model and it highlights as only a line which i created when selecting via body.. even the face selection doesnt work for the i cross section i gave nor the body selection


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Line bodies don't have faces, they are lines. You can pick the whole line or a vertex to apply loads. There are no faces to apply loads to.

    Line bodies have cross-sections. You can visualize the cross-section by using View, Thick Shells and Beams.  That is just to check things like orientation of I-beams, but it does not create faces that you can pick.  Turn off Thick Shells and Beams, you will see only lines.

  • rahul5191rahul5191 keralaMember
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