Help for Weird error

juwonjuwon Member Posts: 1

Hello, I am user for ANSYS Simultaion program as University licence access.

I installed in C drive and have used this program for a longtime.
In this week, however, when we used this, so many error windows appeared simultaneously(please check the attached picture file)and background color was changed as black color despite of setting as white color.
And I can't move viewing point in parallel(Ctrl+center button in mouse).
error message is "Failed to save the file. this may be due to conflicting read/write permissions or insufficient disk space. \Ans_{8D11A24E-7BA4-438E-AOED-F47DD3D112B3}.dsdb".
How can I fix this problem?
I hope to know what I have to do.
plus, when this problem happened, C drive was full. So we eliminated unnecessary files, but situation was not changed.


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