When I open the Electronic Desktop, Twin Builder auto opens

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I installed the electromagnetic package from my university. Programs like Electronics desktop, siwave, twin builder, and more were installed. I am having trouble finding HFSS though. I have looked through the download directory and am not sure what to do. Can some one help me find HFSS?


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    HFSS is accessible through Electronics Desktop.

    Open Electronics Desktop, then choose file and open the HFSS file that you would like to open.

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    Hello, thank you for replying.

    I am trying to insert a new HFSS project not open a pre-existing file. 

    Is there a way to insert a new HFSS design on the electronics desktop? The only option I am seeing is insert a new twin builder design.


    Thank you

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    In ANSYS EDT / Simplorer GUI --> Tools --> Options --> General Options --> Desktop Configuration -->

    Set Targeted Configuration, Custom Menu, Set Schematic Environment. All of the above may be set to Simplorer, Change to other relevant option (

    Also, New Project Options. When creating a new project. Insert a design on type: may also be set to Simplorer, change it to the desired value from the drop down or choose "Don't insert a design"

    For details please refer ANSYS EDT Documentation > Working with ANSYS Electronics Desktop Projects > Setting Options > Setting General Options General Options: Desktop Configuration. Close "Simplorer" & Start ANSYS EDT (Maxwell).
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    Please, I have related issue.

    I have designed my work using Ansys Electronic Desktop HFSS but during simulation my system crashed. After restart, Ansys displayed messages as if I just installed it with new directories. Since then, I could not open my work again with error: "THIS IS NOT ANSOFT PROJECT". Please, how can I handle this?


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    This is a different issue. Please create a new thread for your own and include an image of the screenshot of the error, inline with text (don't put in attachment)

    I'm locking this topic.

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    Hello @tsiriaks  ,

    I have the following problem while running the twin builder:

    Can you please help me how to fix this problem ?

    Thank you

    Best regards


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