Is it possible to couple transient thermal and mechanical analysis ?

Hello together,

i want to  simulate the thermal behavior in ansys mechanical. Now the problem is that a few parts in the simulation are moving. This affects an other thermal behavir. Is it possible to have a transient thermal and a mechanical analysis for a motion setup in the same project?

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    Hello Sebastian,

    When you say "a few parts in the simulation are moving" do you mean deforming or moving as rigid bodies (or both)?

    Yes, you can couple transient thermal with mechanical deformation in the same project.

    Are you on a Student or a Research license?



  • SebastianSebastian Member
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    Hi Peter,

    thanks for the fast response. I want to simulate an electric machine. So the rotor parts are moving. I this this should be rigid bodys. I work on a research license.

    Are there any documents which could help me to couple the simulation?


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    Hi Sebastian,

      Yes, you can couple a transient thermal and transfer the loads to a structural analysis, but you might have to be a little wary of the element types you are using as discussed in this article. You can always couple the deformed analysis back to study another thermal behavior by adding another thermal analysis group.



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    Also, check out these useful youtube tutorials:

    Coupled Thermal - structural analysis: 

    Thermal Contact nonlinear FE Analysis: 

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