Which Fluent model and Methods to use for Drag calculations?

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Hi, I'm doing a drag analysis of an automobile(bus), which is the best Model and method to use on Fluent?

I used Spallart Allmaras with the coupled method and got a certain value. Would the value differ a lot if I use K-epsilon and simplec method or any other combination for that case?



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    Hello ,

    I believe the Value wont Change that much but depending on how much precision you want you may want to crosscheck with another Mode :

    The most importatne things to do and to make sure of for your simulations is :

    0/-Well Define your problem and Boundary Conditions

    1/-Do mesh indepence study .

    2/-Are you interessted  in Resolving the Boundary layer or not (y+)

    3/-try to use 2nd order Desctetizations Schemes and lower your residuals to 1e-6 or even less


    Hope this helps 

    Best Wishes

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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I did not give an inflation layer. But I gave sizing and managed to have a max skewness of 0.79 and min orthogonal quality as 0.2.

    I made everything second order in methods. 

    I ran the analysis with SA model and coupled method.

    With the same mesh, I ran an analysis with K-omega and SIMPLEC method and I got a difference of 30N, how do I know if my SA analysis is correct or the K-omega analysis is correct?

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