Optimization Issues: Design points not as expected

Hi all, 

I am trying to run an Optimization problem but I am having a hard time interpreting the results (this is the first time I run Optimization in ANSYS).

You can see attached the pictures of my setup. I am running a Direct Optimization with the MOGA Method. I choose this method because according to the ANSYS documentation I was reading, it is suitable to solve multiple Objectives (like in my case). 

My questions are:

1) See picture below. When I initially setup the optimization, I choose 100 Initial Samples. Why does it give me 1050 as the Estimated Number of Design Points? What are the factors that contributed to produce so many Design Points? I was expecting to receive exactly 100 Design Points (corresponding to the number of initial samples, in my case 100). 


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    2) See picture below. I used 50 samples per iteration. I don't understand what is meant by "Number of Samples per Iteration". I looked at the ANSYS documentation where it says "Number of samples to iterate and update with each iteration". However, this confused me, because as the optimization progressed, it was solving 1 sample at the time, and not 50 at the time (1 design point got updated each time, all the remaining ones still had the lightning bolt as if they were in progress). So it didn't look like it was solving 50 samples per iteration. Can you please clarify my doubt?

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    3) See picture. As stated before, I choose 100 Initial Samples, so I was expecting 100 Design Points. However I really can't interpret what I see in this picture. Only certain samples are shown as "DP", and most of them are simply shown as points, but without the DP symbol (so they are not Design Points?). Why some of the points shown in this table don't have DP next to them?
    Also, I am not sure why the first DP shown is DP12. And if I go backward from DP12, I can only get to 7 (which corresponds to point 1 in my screen). Why is this, and where are the previous 6 points?

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    4) See picture below. When the optimization is complete, I go back to the Parameter Set space, but I only see some of the design points. Again, as I was expecting to receive 100 design points, corresponding to my Initial Samples. Why it is not giving me 100 Design Points?

    I would really appreciate if someone could clarify my doubts, as I would like to make sure I can correctly interpret the results before continuing. 

    Sorry for posting 4 different posts. For some reason it was giving me an error when I tried to submit multiple screenshots in a single post.

    Thank you!

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