Sending circularly polarized wave through the coil structure

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I want to send a circularly polarized wave through Floquet Port at the bottom of the coil. It seems only linearly polarized excitation is possible from this picture. Does anyone know what should I do if I want to send circularly polarized wave through the Floquet Port?


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    Hi Yank4,

    If you navigate to HFSS>>Fields>>Edit Sources, you will see the two modes (TE, TM) listed in the Floquet Port as mode 1 and mode 2. Like in the below screen-shot, you will see in the first two rows that Floquet Port 1 has :1 and :2 for the two modes. 


    You should be able to produce a circularly polarized excitation as a result by adding 90deg phase to one of the modes. 

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    Hi, slouie,

    Thank you so much!!!


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    In any case, did you try to find out the reflection coefficients (or S-parameters) of the coil structure you mentioned? It would be really helpful if you give some insight on how to get the combined reflection of both the FloquetPort modes which makes the Circular Polarization excitation. I could get the S params of the individual modes of the CP incident wave.

    Thank you.

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