Cl and Cd for an Airfoil

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I'm trying to obtain the coefficients of lift and drag for s1223, in Fluent. But the values are completely wrong, if compared to Xfoil results ( cl=1.16 and cd=0.015). I'm using sst for physics, used 0.02 mm for the first layer ( y+ = 1).

The dimensions used are:

chord: 1 m

height: 0.152 m

velocity: 5.11 m/s 

Re = 361000


And some prints of the mesh and simulation: 





  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator
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    Yplus alone is not a metric for good resolution: number of cell layers in the boundary layer is also very important as well as the the resolution of the wall itself. You first need to check if you are using appropriate reference values.

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